Deadly Rabbit Disease Confirmed on Orcas Island

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has confirmed a case of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2) in a domestic rabbit on Orcas Island. RHD is a viral disease that causes sudden death in rabbits and can be spread through contact with infected rabbits, their meat or their fur, or materials coming in contact with them.Read more

WSVMA-PAC Wants You!

The WSVMA established WSVMA-PAC in 1978 as a response to the effects of legislation on veterinary, animal and small business issues and as a recognition of the need for an effective route of communication with legislators. WSVMA-PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, unincorporated Committee of individual veterinarians and others and is not affiliated with any political party.Read more

Evidence Suggests Jump In Number Of Stoned Dogs Being Taken To Vets

Legalized cannabis is having a large effect on Canada’s canines as veterinarian clinics across the country are seeing significant increases in the number of dogs being brought in stoned on pot products. Wobbly, shrinking from light and sound and often incontinent and howling, the animals are being rushed in for treatment after scarfing pot-laced brownies and other unattended edibles or …

Salmon Farm Decommission in B.C.’s Broughton On Track, Says Premier

Premier John Horgan says industry, government and Indigenous nations on northern Vancouver Island are collaborating on a four-year program to transition away from marine-based salmon farms. Horgan says the health of British Columbia’s wild salmon stocks depends on the joint work being done in the Broughton Archipelago to improve environmental conditions and move away from open-net farms.Read more

Overweight Danes More Likely To Have Overweight Dogs

The prevalence of overweight dogs is markedly larger among overweight owners than among normal weight owners, a new Danish study has found. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen and published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, shows that the prevalence of heavy or obese dogs is more than twice as large among overweight or obese owners than among owners …

GVMA/UGA Student Surgery Program: Preparing the Next Generation of Veterinarians

Story By: Lindsay Corley The GVMA/UGA Student Surgery Program began in 2016 with the mission of providing hands-on surgical experience to UGA College of Veterinary Medicine students. The GVMA worked for over a year and half to create a program which would allow students to increase their amount of surgeries performed before graduation, making them to be better equipped to …

Preventing Animal Homelessness: A Milestone Moment

The ASPCA recently marked a significant achievement by completing our 500,000th spay/neuter surgery in New York City! Every year, our mobile and stationary clinics provide free and low-cost spay/neuter services to tens of thousands of underserved pet owners and animal rescue professionals, with the lifesaving mission of decreasing the number of dogs and cats entering shelters, reducing community cat populations, …