Government Tries To Clarify Rules For Emotional Support Animals On Flights

When it comes to emotional support animals on airplanes, there has been confusion, strong emotion and much suspicion that passengers are taking advantage of government policies in the last few years. In response, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has provided guidance on how it will enforce existing regulations concerning air travel, disabilities and animals in airplane cabins. Read more

A Horse Vet Goes To The Airport

When I travel, I usually leave from the airports in Lubbock or Midland, Texas. Both are relatively dinky. The security line takes less then 10 minutes to get through. I almost always have to catch a connection in Dallas or Denver, but seldom have to go through big-city airport security lines.  Read more

Who’s Going To Buy Our Equine Practices?

With increasing frequency, small animal veterinary practice owners are being offered the golden (corporate) ticket to exit their careers gracefully, financially secure and with the knowledge that the hospitals they worked so hard to build will live on beyond their retirement. The major national players have been joined by more and more smaller, regional and sometimes family-owned entities, carving out …

Study: Is There A Veterinarian Shortage? Yes. Could We Fix It Immediately? Yes.

Just a few years ago, the buzzword associated with the market for veterinarians was “oversupply”—there were too many veterinarians for the number of pet owners seeking veterinary care, many people in the profession asserted. Others countered that, strictly speaking, there wasn’t an oversupply (since veterinary unemployment was negligible) but rather “excess capacity”—a certain percentage of veterinarians’ ability to provide services was going unused. …