Shelter Snapshot: Infectious Respiratory Disease In Animal Shelters

Respiratory disease outbreaks are a major issue in animal shelters, primarily due to the ease of spread and the constraints often imposed by a shelter setting. The potential spread of respiratory disease in boarding, training and veterinary facilities can be distressing not only to clients whose pets may have been exposed but also to facility owners and staff. Read more

Walk Softly And Carry A Big Net: The Global Fight Against Rabies

Few veterinary professionals in the U.S. are haunted by the specter of widespread human rabies deaths in their communities. For others in the rest of the world, it’s very real. An estimated 59,000 human deaths occur globally every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)—the majority of which occur in Asia and Africa. Of those estimated deaths, 99% result …

dvm360 Product Report: Pet Scooter, Genetic Test, Acoustic Panels And More

With the Walkin’ Scooter, disabled pets can zip around freely, easily maneuvering around tight corners and through narrow doorways. Designed for style and comfort, the base of the scooter is cushioned with durable closed-cell foam. The scooter bag is attached to the base, the pet is placed inside, adjustments are made for comfort and the dog is ready to go. …

Government Tries To Clarify Rules For Emotional Support Animals On Flights

When it comes to emotional support animals on airplanes, there has been confusion, strong emotion and much suspicion that passengers are taking advantage of government policies in the last few years. In response, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has provided guidance on how it will enforce existing regulations concerning air travel, disabilities and animals in airplane cabins. Read more

Evidence Suggests Jump In Number Of Stoned Dogs Being Taken To Vets

Legalized cannabis is having a large effect on Canada’s canines as veterinarian clinics across the country are seeing significant increases in the number of dogs being brought in stoned on pot products. Wobbly, shrinking from light and sound and often incontinent and howling, the animals are being rushed in for treatment after scarfing pot-laced brownies and other unattended edibles or …

Salmon Farm Decommission in B.C.’s Broughton On Track, Says Premier

Premier John Horgan says industry, government and Indigenous nations on northern Vancouver Island are collaborating on a four-year program to transition away from marine-based salmon farms. Horgan says the health of British Columbia’s wild salmon stocks depends on the joint work being done in the Broughton Archipelago to improve environmental conditions and move away from open-net farms.Read more

Arcturus Is the Bright Star for His New Adopter

Sometimes the universe has a way of choosing who crosses our path at the right time to have an important, everlasting effect on our lives. When Jordan was at brunch after being on call at a local hospital in July 2016, he decided to visit the ASPCA Adoption Center. He wasn’t intending to adopt that day but felt compelled to visit our …