Kibbles ’n Bits (of insects)

At least 2 billion people worldwide eat insects regularly as part of their diet. There’s no telling how many cats and dogs do. But one thing is certain: More and more pet owners are feeding their pets insects. Simon Doherty, BVMS, president of the BVA, recently told BBC news that “There’s a really exciting future for the use of insect protein for companion animals. …

Should Cats Stay Or Stray?

At the 2018 Chicagoland Veterinary Conference, Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP (Feline Practice), an international lecturer of feline medicine from Vancouver, Canada, spoke about the lifestyle risks of both indoor and outdoor cats and how veterinary professionals should advise pet owners to optimize their home environment to better the well-being and health of their feline friends. Read more