DNA Studies Reveal That Shelter Workers Often Mislabel Dogs As ‘Pit Bulls’

Story by: Sarah CareyDNA results show that shelter workers are often mistaken when they label a dog as a pit bull, with potentially devastating consequences for the dogs, a new University of Florida study has found. “Animal shelter staff and veterinarians are frequently expected to guess the breed of dogs based on appearance alone,” said Julie Levy, D.V.M., Ph.D., a …

Spaying Or Neutering Large-Breed Dogs Increases Risk Of Obesity, Orthopedic Injury

A new report based on the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study (GRLS) found that spaying or neutering large-breed dogs can put them at higher risk for obesity, and if done while the dog is young, also increases their risk of nontraumatic orthopedic injury, according to a release from the foundation. The study was published in July by PLOS ONE. Read more