API Product Upload

The Vettech Directory powered by Crescit is an extensive product and manufacturers database designed for:

  • House of Worship Tech Directors
  • Theatres
  • Universities & High Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Cruise Lines
  • Night Clubs
  • Touring companies
  • Anyone involved with AVL

How Your Company Can Be Included

  • Provide your company’s product information using a product data feed (basically an RSS feed modelled after the Google Merchant XML product feed)
  • Any changes made in your website will be updated in the directory and the apps
  • Data feed is in an XML formatted file; however, a CSV (or tab delimited) text file can also be used – specifications for both are available at the links below

How it is Used

  1. The Vettech Directory powered by Crescit provides a product search, lookup and comparison resource.
  2. The API (application program interface) provides a way for third party developers to hook in and use the data already listed in the product pages on their websites, greatly increasing their use and utility.
  3. Ecommerce plugins provide an easy, fast, affordable way to get products into an ecommerce store without the hassle of searching, importing, configuring, image editing, etc., saving hundreds of hours to get a dealer site up and running.

The Vettech Directory is also available as a Mobile App in Google Play and iTunes

About Crescit

Crescit Software Inc , established in 1987, has been developing solutions to the Live Entertainment Industry since 1991.  A team of developers, graphics and data curators is led by industry veteran Bill Kirby.

Download Crescit Product Data XML Template

Product Data XML Template

Download Crescit Product Data Xls Template

Cresct Product Data XLS Template