About vettechdirect

vettechdirect is the perfect way to connect buyers to suppliers. With both an online directory showcasing veterinary products, supplies and services and the vettechdirect app, as well as a digital magazine directory being launched in fall of 2019, vettechdirect provides a comprehensive guide for veterinarians and the animal health-care industry across North America.

According to market research statistics* from 2017, there are 110,531 veterinarians in the United States, and an additional 12,517 veterinarians in Canada**. In the US along, the pet care segment of this market generated $13.5 billion in 2017, with an additional $27.5 billion in livestock veterinary services.***

vettechdirect will reach this market by featuring not only comprehensive listings of products, suppliers and services, but also editorial on the latest trends in Veterinarian medicine, articles and features relevant to the industry, product and industry news sections, video and more.

vettechdirect offers advertisers unrivalled and cost-effective coverage to veterinarian offices and surgeries across North America, with the online directory and app designed to work in conjunction with the digital publication, keeping your products and services in front of your clientele year round, in an easily searchable format. Basic directory and app listings are always free. Talk to us about how to make your products and services stand out from the crowd.