dvm360 Product Report: Low-temp Sterilization, Joint Chews, Luer Lock Connectors And More

The Sterlink gas plasma suite offers an option for low-temperature sterilization utilizing hydrogen peroxide gas plasma to sterilize instruments that are moisture- and heat-sensitive. This purifying sterilization process also results in zero environmental impact and produces clean oxygen as a byproduct. It is compact, affordable and designed to maximize infection control options while improving operational efficiency. The suite includes the Sterlink FPS, a 14-liter low-temperature unit; the 7-liter Sterlink Mini, designed for specialty, ophthalmology and dental practices; the Custom Sealer, for VH2O2-safe Tyvek pouches; and Plasmapp’s patented Sterpacks, plus additional accessories, including a movable cart, laser label printer and custom cassettes for vacuum-sealed Sterpacks.

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